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Kyusho Jitsu

559495_510089212351905_189186829_nKyusho Jitsu  is not a new style of martial art, but very old.  It was part of karate and these vital points were definitely alluded to by Master Gichin Funakoshi (1868-1957).  After the war a lot of soldiers stayed in Japan, ventured into Japan’s martial arts schools  to learn the martial arts, namely Karate.  The Japanese having been bombed and occupied did not want to teach these westerners their precious arts and felt disgruntled at there presence, but due to economics they came up with a way of teaching them but not giving away all the good stuff.   Essentially, they taught then the children’s art or an “incomplete” art form which was the basic karate that was introduced into the Japanese school curriculum by Gichin Funakoshi from the 1920′s; or what I like to refer to as “romper room” karate.  Think about it, what I am sharing with you makes perfect sense.  In a sense, the military men that brought martial arts back to the US after the war returned with a veneer or facade of the real thing, and then taught the next generation the incomplete art that they had been handed down.  You always heard and knew in your heart that there was more behind the real study of martial arts than just the fundamentals.  Kyusho Jitsu is the vital information of the martial arts that was omitted; the study and understanding of pressure points, specifically their manipulation for combat purposes.

A lot of the movements were interpreted as blocks by westerners due to the language barrier and the way it was taught, and the true meaning of these strikes were masked.   The word block does not exist in Japanese, it was interpreted as that by the westerners. All the techniques were strikes to pressure points and vital points. These were hidden in the kata’s of karate and only taught to close family members or trusted Japanese students who would continue to safe guard this knowledge.  The result was that an incomplete art was purposely given to the outsiders.  Today we are simply rediscovering the true meaning if these movements and the original intentions and the martial science of vital points behind them.  It is exciting to say the least!

Kyusho-Jitsu (Ryukyu Kempo) is the art of striking pressure points/Nerves.  We are submitting to you that there is truth that lies behind the legend, and it can be learned.  Pressure points need to be activated by striking, pressing, rubbing or vibrating. Some nerves can respond in a few ways, others will only respond to pressing or just rubbing.

Pressure points for self defense involve using the nerves to our advantage, in simple terms it’s the body’s way of monitoring the body’s condition, pain, hot, cold or if an organ is in good condition. With the use of pressure points we can stimulate the nerves to utilize these messages sent to the brain to get the desired response i.e. – a lowering of the blood pressure, pain, dizziness and/or a knock out.

We must not forget that we can use these same nerves or pressure points for healing.

The martial art forms or kata’s are so important to study as they contain all the nerve strikes and pressure points, a little like a map giving the correct angle and direction.  All arts that practice forms or kata have this information and its just a question of looking at them in a different way to understand their true meaning, and not think of them as just blocking techniques.

Today, another challenge exists to those that would learn; many modern practitioners of Kyusho Jitsu hki-or009002are strangely complicating this information intentionally, even using what I might call  “confusion factors” out of an insecurity or even greed  to keep others from really learning this art.  My position is that it can be learned simply and easily with my system.  I use and teach the primary use of around 80 vital points of the 300+ referenced.  You need to beware of those unnecessarily complicating this subject and art for gain.  They will definitely confuse you if you are not made aware of this trend in today’s pressure point world.

The interest in learning about pressure points is growing daily.  The benefits in helping police, prison officers or stopping that school bully are endless.   HKI is offering this information unselfishly to students who are willing to believe and approach the subject with an open mind. If you are interested in Learning Kyusho Jitsu, submit your information to become and HKI member or school.