Hogan Karate International

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About Jack Hogan

13Martial Arts Instructor, Jack Hogan, holds an 10th degree Black Belt in Ryukyu Kempo Karate & 5th degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate.

Hogan’s tenth degree was awarded by a board of internationally known Masters that includes Professor Wally Jay, 10th Dan, Soke Michael DePasquale, 10th Dan, Soke Joe Hess, 10th Dan, Grandmaster John Martini, 10th Dan, Professor Bill Beach, 10th Dan, and Grandmaster Joe Williams, 10th Dan. Hogan, 64, began studying the martial arts in the early 60′s but it wasn’t until 1974 that he fully dedicated himself to karate. He was active in tournament competition until 1979. His main emphasis, however, has been on teaching. Hogan is the current owner and chief instructor of Jack Hogan Karate, a Jacksonville Dojo established in 1974.

He now heads Hogan Karate International with associated schools all over the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Finland, Guam, and India.

“I consider myself mainly a Ryukyu Kempo stylist,” he says, “I also teach Small Circle Jujitsu, Kyusho Jitsu, falls, throws and techniques from other styles.” Master Hogan currently has over a hundred direct students under him and is responsible for introducing the martial arts to thousands. He teaches many seminars all over the United States, Europe and India. He has assisted Professor Wally Jay in Indiana and Master George Dillman in Texas, Florida, Georgia and Indiana. He has also done seminars with Leon Jay, Bruce Chiu, Michael DePasquale, Bill Wallace, Joe Hess and others. In December 2009 Hogan recieved a Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Science from The International University.

Grandmaster Hogan’s Achievements:

Hogan holds a teaching certificate in martial arts from Florida Community College at Jacksonville and was awarded “Most Deserving Community Member in Community Education.” He also received an award for ou7tstanding promotion of the martial arts by the International Federation of Ju Jitsuans and Karate International Magazine. Hogan has also taught women’s self defense for Florida Community College at Jacksonville, and self defense to men and women for Southern Bell Telephone Company and The Communication Workers of America. He has been featured in local newspapers, magazines and television. Master Hogan has been mentioned in several national karate magazines and is pictured several times with Master George A. Dillman in the December 1988 issue of “Inside Karate”, the May 1989 issue of “Inside Kung Fu” and again in the August 1989 issue of “Inside Karate”. He wrote a story in the May 1989 issue of “Inside Kung Fu”, the famous underwear story published by “Smash” magazine, May/June 1990 and another article that appeared in “Official Karate” June 1990. He has also published “The Bubishi” on CD and in print. Hogan, who has been an active tournament official since 1979, served as a referee at the WKA full contact fights (1984-86) and as the assistant tournament director at the Florida Citrus Open (1984). He was Chairman of the nominating committee for north Florida, for “Who’s Who in American Martial Arts” and a member of its board of review. He is featured 3 times in “Who’s Who in American Martial Arts” and also in “Who’s Who in the Martial Arts Elite”. Hogan was also inducted into the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame as Instructor of the Year, and Action Martial Arts Magazine Hall of Fame, Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame and the AIMA International Hall of Fame. He was also inducted into Budo Magazine Hall of Fame, U10001497_714057791948843_1241384960_nSA Hall of Game and the Gold Coast Hall of Fame as Legend Grandmaster “Through martial artsit is hoped that you will become skillful, powerful, and secure enough to be gentle, considerate and peaceful,” Hogan maintains… “If I can teach this I feel that I will have accomplished something that will help everyone.” Hogan has for many years studied Small Circle Ju Jitsu under Professor Wally Jay of San Francisco, California and Ryukyu Kempo, and Kyusho Jitsu under Karate Master George Dillman of Reading, Pennsylvania. In December 2009 Hogan recieved a Grand Doctor of Philosophy in Martial Science from The International University.