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Kyusho Jitsu is taught by Grandmaster Jack Hogan in seminars and at HKI Camp.  Here are the calendared seminars for 2014.   You can also book a seminar at your school.  Please feel free to plan to attend any of the seminars as an HKI member or guest…We hope you will! 

Saturday, April 5, 2014
Soke Jack Hogan and Bruce Chiu
Clearwater, Florida
For more information call:
Mike Mathews 727-647-9481
Email mczmat@aol.com

Saturday, April 12, 2014
Soke Jack Hogan
Midnight Blue Karate
Henderson, North Carolina
For more information call:
Kimberly Gupton (252) 767-8398
Email kimberlytangsoo@hotmail.com

Saturday, May 5 -15, 2014

Irish Tour

Soke Jack Hogan

Tipperary, Ireland
For more information call:
John Duggan 44-120-449-1652
Email tippjiujitsu@gmail.com

Saturday, October 3-4, 2014
Hogan Karate International Martial Arts Camp
Grandmaster Jack Hogan, Soke Joe Hess, Bruce Chiu and others
Jacksonville, Florida
For more information call:
David Hogan 904-703-0498
Email wdhogan@bellsouth.net