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Welcome to Hogan Karate International!

Hogan Karate International is a martial arts organization led by Grandmaster Jack Hogan based in Jacksonville, Florida.  Today, Grandmaster Jack Hogan is passing on what he has learned about what some have believed to be merely legends of ancient martial arts.  We call this missing component to most martial arts today, “Kyusho Jitsu.”  Kyusho Jitsu is the Okinawan version of what some have referred in Chinese martial arts as “Dim Mak.”  It can be learned and utilized in any system of martial arts and does not require students to change systems to incorporate its concepts into their training method.  It focuses on directing martial arts techniques to pressure points on energy meridians in the body causing neurological dysfunction and effects of differing levels.

[opmtsGrandmaster Hogan has taken this re-discovered art and demonstrated it to be much more simplistic and easy to learn than originally believed by most.  Many contemporary Kyusho practitioners and members of the pressure point world have tried intentionally complicate and add confusion factors to make “Kyusho Jitsu” difficult to learn apart from “them.”  Grandmaster Hogan is tired of the dishonest methods of such practitioners, and is offering interested martial artists an alternate path to learn Kyusho Jitsu by breaking down these concepts into about eighty of what he calls “major and minor pressure points.”  His Kyusho Jitsu system reveals that soft movement can be employed to hit harder with the use of energy strikes to vital pressure points to easily knock out, damage, or incapacitate combatants.

Grandmaster Hogan is a believer that you need to grow in your martial arts.  Learningphoto-150x150 these age old secrets of the martial arts is one way you can do this. He is popularizing and teaching these rediscovered concepts to martial artists who are accepted into his organization, HKI.  You can contact him and HKI about a booking seminar in your area or becoming a member of HKI.